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Apple Released Updates for Apple TV and iPhoto ’11


Yesterday, Apple issued a couple of software updates for the new Apple TV 2G (Black) and for iPhoto ’11. Latest iOS update for Apple TV brings the software to version 4.2.2 aka iOS 4.3, identified with the build number 8F30. You can download Apple TV iOS firmware from here.


From the release notes showed that the changes affect the following areas :

  • Audio : Fixed a problem whereby the audio does not play when you view some content.
  • Video playback : Fixed a problem that does not allow the proper display of some video content.
  • Audio output settings : add a setting to switch to streaming audio in 16-bit output for compatibility with certain TV.
  • Improvements controls : improved performance to send back and forth live events.
  • Description of movie : An issue that was not possible to display the correct information in the movie playback
  • Sort YouTube video : An issue that was not possible to properly order the YouTube video to date.

iPhoto’11 update :


iPhoto is a part of Apple iLife ’11 suite, targeted for the fans of digital photography, the new update weighs around 112 MB and brings iPhone to version 9.1.3. According to early adopters, they have found that events previously “merged” into iPhoto iOS were shown separately on the devices after synchronization. The update can be installed via Software Update.


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