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Sony CEO Hints 8 Megapixel Camera on iPhone 5?


According to a report by Howard Stringer, CEO of Sony, in an interview he had with Walt Mossberg at Carnegie Hall in New York under JapanNYC festival, accidentally revealed that the shipment of sensors for the camera at Apple have been delayed because of the recent earthquake in Japan. However, Sony has not any previous record to supply for current or previous generation iDevice, OmniVision hold this role for years.


This statement is making the rounds of network and feeding a series of speculations about the new iPhone 5 whose debut could slip to next autumn. The sensor of the iPhone could be 5 to 8 megapixels, the introduction of an 8-megapixel sensor would provide, perhaps, another confirmation that iPhone 5 could really be a 4G phone in all respects, ready to exploit LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology and you can reach browsing speed much higher than today.

(Via MacRumors)


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