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iPhone 6 to get p-Si LCD from Sharp


iPhone 5 isn’t released yet, but internet has already started to talk about it’s successors, beginning next year that Apple would choose Sharp for carrying out the LCD display of the next generation technology based low-temperature poly silicon. Japanese newspaper Nikkan published the fact that, Sharp will be responsible for producing the next generation of displays with multi-silicon (p-Si) to be used by Apple for iPhone sixth in 2012. According to publication, Sharp confirms that production would begin in spring, its plant No. 1 Kameyama already started to prepare for this purpose.


The technology used in p-Si LCD screen, allows user to place optical sensors, signal processing circuits and other components directly on the crystal substrate, in short considerable space saving and extended life of battery. If the news is correct, it would mean that Apple has no intention of using OLED (organic LED display) a low-power variant used in most of current generation smartphones including Samsung Galaxy S.

Disclaimer : This information is merely a reference since the iPhone 6 is still far away and Apple may change plans at any time.

[ via appleinsider ]


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