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iPhone 5 Coming in September | Reuters


Another day, another rumor about iPhone 5. Well this time news is coming from the house of Reuters. According to the folks over Reuters, The iPhone May begin production in July, but the phone will not be traded according to the usual annual cycle. September would be the most likely expected month of launch. Also, the newspaper says the iPhone 5 will have the new A5 processor and will have similar exterior design to the iPhone 4.


Apple Insider quoting Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst with Concord Securities, said that the new iPhone 5 will go primarily to accommodate a new processor, performing the dual core already present in the iPad 2, Apple A5 , secondly, a camera back with a better resolution of 8 megapixels .

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  1. sharad April 21, 2011 Reply

    i love iphone…

  2. walker April 21, 2011 Reply

    holly cow, iphone 5 is coming, but iphone 4 is still not unlockable
    …. 🙁

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