Jailbreak your iPhone

Use Android Phone as Wireless keyboard and touchpad mouse


How many of you wanted to buy a pair of wireless mouse and keyboard but was lazy enough to go to the marker and get one? Or maybe you are in short of money

But no need to worry now, Today I am going to tell you an amazing way through which you can use your Android phone as a wireless keyboard and touch pad mouse 😉

You don’t need to be an utter geek to follow this guide. Just simple English and basic tech knowledge is more than enough.

To accomplish the task all we need to do is download server app (.jar file) from http://www.remotedroid.net/

Install remotedroid app on your phone from Android Market

Thats it just start the server app on your PC (Remotedroidserver.jar) and also start  the android app on your phone.
Copy the ip-address from the program screen to the android app screen

Below is a official video which can help you get things understand more better.

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RemoteDroid demo from Joshua Sera on Vimeo.


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