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iPhone 4 64 GB Spotted in the Wild


MICGadget, published some images of iPhone 4 64 GB, internal test units. Some of the test units are available for sale in the Hong Kong black market, that clearly seem to prototypes of a 64 GB iPhone 4. You can see in the attached image that displays the characteristics of the terminal, although many consider it a gross manipulation.

iPhone 4

The double X on the back of the phone said that this is an irresolvable internal circulation model of which perhaps will never see the light. Who is selling them ensures that you have very few units (normal, having stolen in between). The phone also model number and FCC ID camouflaged with several X and is not blocked.


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  1. saf August 25, 2011 Reply

    To be honest, what will you do with 64gb? Use your iphone as a removable storage device for your pc/mac? There is no need for mobile phones to have even 32gb storage since you can probly download all the apps you would ever want to try onto 8gb so 16gb and 32gb are more than enough. Also photos and videos are pretty small and unless you do not backup to your pc/mac every now and then, you will not use up that much space on your phone with apps, photos and videos…

    Not long before we see a terabit phone anyway I bet, just what will you do with all that empty, never to be used space?

  2. Harsh Agrawal March 9, 2011 Reply

    And now a video is also surfacing on Internet.. Wondering why Steve didn’t launched 64Gb model..or is it something we should expect in iPhone 5?

  3. rg March 9, 2011 Reply

    photoshoped… even in this lowres image can easely be seen it is photoshoped ! just see the image grain around the letters

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