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iPad 2 Jailbreak : Mission Accomplished


Despite the rumors, that it is hard to jailbreak A5, wonder boy comex managed to jailbreak iPad 2 with in 48 hours of the release. Note that comex did the job remotely, since he hasn’t got the hold of iPad 2 at the moment. Following is the proof (jailbroken iPad 2 white) posted by chpwn.


At present we don’t have any more information on when it will release, or if it is tethered or untethered process, but we’ll inform you as soon as we get any clue. You can join us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and last but not least, you can also subscribe to our free once in a day e-mail news letter to get all the latest updates on Apple related hacks and news directly in your Inbox. Which will provide you with all the news before anyone else knew about it.


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