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MyWi On Demand : Yet Another Reason to Jailbreak


MyWi, infamous iPhone tethering application that allows users to share their 3G connection of the iPhone to browse the internet via the PC / laptop / MacBook / iPod / iPad just got a big upgrade today. New feature is named  ‘On Demand’. The ‘On Demand’ now costs $ 4.99 to the purchase price of MyWi ($ 19.99), promises to give another dimension to the setting up and sharing of WiFi Hotspot automating the activation process:


Official Statement :

Create an iPad® to iPhone® connection On Demand! Having to turn on and off a hotspot gets old quickly when you’re doing it all the time, as when you share your iPhone’s 3G connection with a WiFi-Only iPad. Instead, MyWi OnDemand connects when you need it, and disconnects when you don’t. When you leave your WiFi connection at home and you’re using the iPad, the iPad will connect automatically. When you turn your iPad screen off, or go back where you have WiFi, MyWi OnDemand will disconnect. After a simple pairing, everything works automatically! Will work with 3G/3GS/4 iPhones/iPod Touches (3.1.2+) and iPad (3.2+). Requires purchase of MyWi 4.0.


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  1. AussiePaul February 5, 2011 Reply

    Do you install MyWi On Demand on the client or the host? ie Do I install it on my WiFi only iPad, or on my iPhone4 whose connection i wish to share?

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