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Fix iBooks issue in iOS 4.2.1 after Jailbreak with Grenpois0n


Apple is getting hard on jailbreak community and latest example is a restriction on iBooks. Comex was the first one who found that the iBooks application includes a control code, capable of determining whether a device has been jailbreak to or not. The control is very simple. Before you open any book with DRM protection, iBooks drops an improperly signed binary, tries to execute it, and if it works concludes that the device is jailbroken and refuses to open the book.


Basically if the code works, then the device is Jailbroken and the book will refuse to open! This is because on an operating system without the jailbreak, you can only run signed code, including Apple-certified. Anyway comex did a brilliant job to bypass the issue. Comex also figured out a way to bypass the restriction, latest release of pwnage tool already include the fix, but if you are running on a greenpois0ned iDevice then you need to apply hunnypot fix, released by Comex.

Update : This patch isn’t working with verizon iPhone 4 /via @thunderkeys/

Instructions to install the patch :

Download the Hunnypot patch (click here) and follow the instructions to install .deb file or follow the following instructions if you already have installed iFile on your iDevice.

Instructions to install via iFile :

photo (3)

  • You will be redirected to iFile, now tap on installer.

photo (1)

  • that’s it, once again you won the cat mouse race.

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  1. Jude April 5, 2011 Reply

    instead of doing the details on the 2nd photo and “Launch your safari browser and navigate to http://a.qoid.us/hunnypot.deb and tap on open in iFile. ”

    it would be easier to just SSH the hunnypot file to /var/Media/documents and run iFile and point the deb file and it’s done 🙂

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