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iPhone 4 Unlock Less Than a Month Away?


Sherif hashim, the man behind the 5.14.02 exploit which was used for 4.0 unlock has appeared in the unlocking scene once again. There have been rumors about  unlocks for iOS 4.2.1 . Finally, We got a little ray of light about ultrasn0w on Twitter from Egyptian baseband hacker Sherif Hashim.

Sherif Hashim found an exploitable baseband crash that could bring an unlock for basebands 05.14.02 and 02.10.04 back in November. Very little has been heard since then, and nothing definitive as to the timing on a new ultrasn0w for iOS 4.1 and 4.2. One impatient unlocker sent Hashim  a tweet in Arabic, saying he was going away for military service on January 16 and asking if the unlock would be ready by then. Hashim’s  response, in English: “sure.”

The main reason we don’t get a lot of news from these guys is that they need to spend their time hacking, not sending out updates. As Hashim  promised yesterday, “whenever it is ready for beta testing and use, u ll all be notified thru @MuscleNerd’s Twitter or mine.” So consider following both on Twitter, and we’ll also have the latest news available for you here

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  1. Nair December 20, 2010 Reply

    OMG… this is great news…. looking forward for the date…
    Thanks for all the hardwork guys… you are the best !!!!

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