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GraviBoard : Brings Gravity into SpringBoard


Graviboard, a mod that “brings gravity to the homescreen.” Once it is installed and activated, your icons are “affected by gravity”. Graviboard teak will put the icons on your springboard, towards the earth, as if they were subject to gravity. You can set different types of gravity to add and even choose to fling your icons at each other. GraviBoard is available on the BigBoss repo at a price of $ 2.99

GraviBoard (2)

Features of GraviBoard :

  • Adding the animation that shows the icons in their place
  • Added support for the use of the accelerometer
  • Greatly improved the simulation of the simulation of gravity
  • Added full support to Shrink
  • Added support for folders (still in development)
  • The folders now work correctly
  • Partial support to FolderEnhancer , ScrollinBoard and Infiniboard(there are several bugs, none of which, however, causes a crash of the SpringBoard)


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