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Air Home Video : Stream Your iPhone Camera Roll Videos, Pictures via AirPlay


Air Home Video is a standalone app that will let you AirPlay your recorded videos from Camera Roll or any video synced to Photos to your new Apple TV. This app is available now in Cydia from thebigboss repo for $0.99. Obviously the program requires iOS 4.2.1 to work and after you install it you will have to turn on your AppleTV 2G and view videos and photos on your TV.


Features :

  • Air Home Video can play any video in your Photos app, Camera Roll on iPhone and Saved Photos on iPad included. What’s great about Air Home Video, is that you can then stream your videos to a new Apple TV2 using AirPlay.
  • You can now shoot a video on your phone, and without syncing it to your computer or hooking up to wires you may play it to a network connected Apple TV2.
  • You can trim down videos to only view a portion of it. You can also select Low or High Quality streams. Low will compress quicker, but will, of course, be a lower quality of video than High.
  • Enjoy your home videos as soon as they’ve been shot. They are, after all, yours; play them how you want, and where you want.


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