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Who Can’t Develop?


There is much speculation that developing professional apps like the ones found on Apple’s App Store can be difficult for someone not of age.

Alex Ackerman is a 15-year-old iOS developer that recently released his first App, Practice Typer. Practice Typer allows you to learn how to type diligently on your iDevice at your own pace. While at the same time you are learning interesting facts in a clean, user friendly environment.

With PracticeTyper, you can learn to type on your iOS device at your own speed, for however long you want.

There is absolutely no pressure – you go at your own pace. You can relax and focus on mastering your iPhone typing skills.

While you’re typing on PracticeTyper, you will learn entertaining fun facts as well as quotes!

Features include:

– Instructions
– Large variety of facts to type
– Statistics
– Compare each session
– Relaxed environment; Enjoy not being distracted with timers and popups

Alex is fluent in Objective C, C++ and C. He started out simply googling phrases like “how to make computer programs” and then by making Mac apps and eventually worked his way into iPhone apps. This is one of many examples of how minors are beginning to take interest in technology at a younger age.

Practice Typer is available for $0.99 in the App Store and can be downloaded here.


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