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Apple May Introduce iPhone with larger, smaller screens


Shaw Wu, an analyst at Kaufman Bros. has documented by sources in the supply chain of Apple that the company is working on several models of iPhone equipped with new screen sizes:

Our sources believe that these rumors represent the arrival of a new business model: iPhone low and high-end complement to an intermediate iPhone 4. An iPhone “mini” or “nano” would be plausible in the wake of the latest iPod nano.


It appears that progress toward these terminals is such that it could reach the U.S. market in the first half of next year, even in its first quarter of the labor of many operators as Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint. It would end the exclusivity of AT&T and would initiate a strategy to carry the iPhone across the spectrum of consumers:

We believe that Apple is opting for the wisdom to offer alternatives to an iPhone 4 appeals only to users of middle class / high. Articulate a phone line to three bands as is done with the iPod you can extend its range of buyers and make things even more difficult to competition.

Via: AppleInsider


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