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Apple Approves First BitTorrent app for iPhone


Apple has just approved the first application for iPhone which can manage BitTorrent downloads. The app is called IS Drive and allows users to handle downloads from ImageShack.

How could an application and pass the strict controls of Apple? The experts say that simply avoiding the term “BitTorrent” in its title. In fact, the app was previously available through the platform Cydia as Jack Torrents.

is drive

Derek Kepner, developer after IS Drive, talked to TorrentFreak and confirmed that the app is sustained after Apple discovered the cake.

I’m in marshy ground here, I know. Probably will incorporate a search function where the user can manually add the torrent site you want. The app has been designed to easily break the law and I hope nobody tries to do, but if a user commits an unlawful what I can do or Apple? Same could be done in Safari.

I see no reason why IS Drive is rejected by Apple. I’ve been very cautious not to include the dirty word “torrent” and will continue to be so as to add new features.

Download IS Drive for $5


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  1. yara October 7, 2010 Reply

    thats a very good iphone apps, cydia always provide us with good apps and measures, also here for movie lovers here is a very good video watching apps names aneesoft, just give it a google, bet you’ll like it.

  2. Deni October 6, 2010 Reply

    Not available now – link opens in iTunes & says not available in the US Store

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