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Typophone 4 : Windows Phone 7 Look like iPhone LockScreen


Typophone 4 is an amazing and minimalist lockScreen with full support of retina display. The theme uses very clean elements to display Time, Date, Day & Month while preserving the slide to Unlock function this unique lockscreen theme is sure to make your iPhone / iPod Stand out.

Typophone 4 is available in Cydia, we also recommend you to install “lockscreen clock hide” tweak so you can disable the native clock app on lock screen. You can change the background in settings but you need to respring phone to apply the changes.

Switch between 24 / 12 hour time format :

1. Use SSH Client to navigate to the theme folder
2. Open up functions.js
3. Go to line 2: “AM_PM = true” and change it to “AM_PM = false”
4. Done!


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  1. shawn October 16, 2010 Reply

    and where is the themes folder located as mentioned to switch the 24/12? A bit vague considering it was no where obvious when I SSH’d and poked around on OS4.1

  2. Isaiah September 22, 2010 Reply

    is there any way to customise/tweak the kerning (spacing btwn the letters) for this theme?

  3. Nico September 21, 2010 Reply

    If you’re getting random 88:88s on top of the current time, read this:


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