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SHAtter Ported into Pwnage Tool to Jailbreak iPod Touch 4


iPhone Dev team successfully ported Shatter exploit in to pwnage tool. Those who don’t know, SHAtter is the tethered (not confirmed yet) jailbreak for  iOS 4.1 which will jailbreak  all existing iOS iDevices for life time including iPhone 4, iPad and iPod Touch 4G. SHAtter is a low-level bootrom exploit which will allow the use of unsigned code execution. The specialty of this exploit is that it cannot be patched with software or firmware update and requires new bootrom to get patched. So to patch the jailbreak, Apple has to come up with new iDevices with a new bootrom.


We’ve put pod2g’s exploit into a beta version of Pwnage Tool to test the waters. The SHAtter exploit was enough to convince the iPod touch 4G to restore to our custom IPSW. The successful result is shown below!  It’s all working: customized Preferences to show battery percentage, Cydia, root shell…the works!

Now wait and watch for dev team to release updated version of Pwnage Tool or Redsn0w.


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  1. steve b September 29, 2010 Reply

    excellent news the dev team are heroes

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