Jailbreak your iPhone

Jailbreak iPhone 3G, iPod 2G iOS 4.1, 4.0 with Redsn0w


The iPhone Dev team released their much awaited software solution to Jailbreak iPhone 3G, iPod touch 2G iOS 4.1 and 4.0 with RedSn0w. Dev team also issued a warning to those, who care for unlock (ultrasn0w) should stay away from the redsn0w 4.1 jailbreak.  Current version of ultrasn0w unlock works for all firmwares from OS 3.0 up to iOS 4.0, for more information check our previous guide to  Unlock Baseband 04.26.08, 05.11.07, 05.12.01 and 5.13.04 With Ultrasn0w.

So if you care for your unlock stay away from 4.1 and wait for pwnage tool release.



Step One : Create a folder on desktop and name it whatever you want, in the following article we named it iHackintosh. Now put all your downloaded files in the iHackintosh folder. Now connect your iPhone to the computer and launch RedSn0w from iHackintosh folder. In the new Window click on the browse button to navigate to the iHackintosh folder on your desktop and select the iOS 4.1 /4.0  firmware ipsw.

Step Two : Click the Open button to continue.

Step Three : In next Window check the Install Cydia option. You can select / unselect more advanced optionslike verbose boot, multitasking, wallpaper etc. Once you selected all required options click on next button.


Step Four : Now turn off your iPhone but make sure it is still plugged in to USB port. If you satisfies this term then click next to proceed the next step is to put your iPhone in DFU mode.


Step Five : To put your iPhone in to DFU mode follow the onscreen instructions as follows Hold the Power button for 3 seconds, Hold the Home and Power buttons for 10 seconds, then release the Power button and continuing holding the Home button until your iPhone is in DFU mode.


Step Six : If all goes well means you put your iPhone in DFU mode successfully then the following screen will appear otherwise you will be prompted to do from Step Five.

Step Seven : That’s it after 5 to 8 minute of process you will get your hands on a Jailbreak iPhone.

NOTE: If you have an iPod Touch second generation model “MC”  iOS 4.1 jailbreak will be tethered type, or you must connect the device to your computer each time you reboot. In this case, at least for the moment, the most practical solution is to perform a downgrade to firmware 4.0 in order to unlock with JailbreakMe.


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  1. john September 22, 2010 Reply

    when is the windows version planned to be let out?

  2. NoUseFor September 21, 2010 Reply

    does it work with iphone 3gs (new bootrom)?

    I’m on 4.0.2 (no ECID saved)….is this new JB going to work if I upgrade to 4.1?


  3. sheika September 21, 2010 Reply

    i have 3g on 4.1 and did not save shsh in cydia then i have a broken home button totally unresponsive. what do i do i need to jailbreak to use ihome.

  4. jdawg September 21, 2010 Reply

    what does it meen when it says youll have to connect it to your computer does that meen that everytime youre battery dies or you press power off that youll have to use your computer to start it or that youll have to re-jailbreak it?
    when will the untethered type come out?

  5. jdawg September 21, 2010 Reply

    does this support the mc version of ipod touch 2g? if not then when will it support it. why doesnt it support the 3g 4g ipod touch and iphone 4g 2g and 3gs?

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