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iPA God : Installs Cracked Apps on Non Jailbroken iPhone iPod


iPA God Yes we aren’t joking! Folks over iModZone have found a workaround to bypass Apple restrictions to install cracked AppStore Applications on iDevices running iOS 4.1 and 4.2 Beta without the need of a jailbreak. According to chpwn “ in iOS 4.0+ there’s a glitch in the matrix that allows you to create files in the file system of non-jailbroken iOS devices” Developer of iPA God says “Well installing apps by my method is something apple left in for developers to share there apps for beta testing over the internet.”  The hack will be called iPA God and we got a video showing it at work on an iPad running iOS 4.2

Apparently guys behind iPA God are planning to sell their hack @ 20$ and there is no ETA on when the app will be released.

Note : We at iHackintosh never supported to pirate apps and we strongly discourage to you do so. App developers works hard and pirating their apps is equal to stealing.


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  1. Deni September 22, 2010 Reply

    Funny that people who want to help you steal from others want you to pay THEM!

  2. 4shad0w September 18, 2010 Reply

    Dude, this is pure piracy! I’m sure apple will fix the glitch by beta 2, hopefully.

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