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Secure your iDevice Jailbreak with PDF Loading Warner


As you know comex released his universal jailbreak for each and every iDevice (iOS 4.0, 4.0.1) available on the earth. To apply the jailbreak solution, you need to visit to jailbreakme.com with mobile Safari, then slide  with finger-tip is enough to make your unit free from Apple’s restrictions. Since the recent release of Jailbreak method exploits a vulnerability in Safari should have the next update iOS stop the iPhone easy hack. JailbreakMe seems to be based on a PDF vulnerability that is active in Safari and, potentially, could lead to malicious software sent to users via emails and the browser.

Dark Side of Jailbreakme

JailbreakMe includes a control code that runs at the end of the unlock process and is able to determine if the jailbreak is done properly and then plug the hole represented by the use of false PDF to install the code. Now understand that many hackers are aware of the possibility to run the code through the PDF. So anybody with good hacking skills can use this discovery to install malicious code on your devices.

Solution : PDF Loading Warner

cdevwill member of chronic dev-team released a little utility called PDF Loading Warner. After installing this little package if you visit to the “malicious site” you will get a pop-up to warn you about danger, you must logically deny the execution of the code. If you are downloading a file from a trusted source, click “Load”, otherwise “Cancel”.

iPhone 4

Installation Procedure

1. Make sure you are jailbroken and on WiFi or 3G.

2. Launch Cydia and search for  “PDF Loading Warner”.

3. Install PDF Loading Warner and restart the springboard after the installation.

4. Now you’ll be warned every time any site trying to inject malicious code in form of pdf file.


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  1. shaun August 4, 2010 Reply

    i tried opening a pdf file to check this works, which it did, and i choose the option not to load it. But… it then gave me the option to open in ibooks whilst still in safari web browser. is it safe to open it in ibooks or could this compromise security in the same way as safari could do?

  2. George Musat August 4, 2010 Reply

    Niceee … thank you for this info … i just downloaded from Cydia and installed… Now i can rest in peace 🙂

  3. Gee August 3, 2010 Reply

    The pdf Warner disturbes the iPhone World App.! Hope this will Be fixed soon.

  4. NattyFish August 3, 2010 Reply

    Hi Guys , I posted yesterday , that i could not get past the first splash screen , but after a re boot and the clearing of my cache in safari , i managed to get the jailbreak all sorted . Once again Thanks and for the jailbreak , a great big thank you

  5. Sritmak August 3, 2010 Reply

    Does this patch can be uninstalled ? If ever you will to jailbreak again, or stg else…

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