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NoCyFresh : Automatically Refresh for Updates in Cydia


NoCyFresh a little tweak for Cydia is available in Cydia. If you are die hard fan and frequent user of Cydia like me then go install NoCyFresh. NoCyFresh can be download after adding “ http://repo.modyouri.com “ repository in Cydia. NoCyFresh help you to avoid the dreary checks next time you open Cydia. The program recently received the update and feel comfortable in iOS 4 and iPhone 4. It is absolutely free and, I think a must install.


You can enable and suspend the program by a switch in SBSettings. Whatever the case may be, do not forget to periodically still check for updates, since some of them may be critical and do not tolerate delay.


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  1. George Musat August 16, 2010 Reply

    One question … i went to download it, and there are 2 versions.
    NoCyfresh i3 and i4 …
    i3 is for 3g and 3gs on 3.1.2, and the i4 is for iphone 4 with iOS4 …
    But i have 3gs with iOS 4.0.1
    What shall i install ?

  2. George Musat August 16, 2010 Reply

    good … i really needed this 🙂

  3. Zeeshan August 16, 2010 Reply


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