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Jobs Confirms to Fix Slow iOS 4 iPhone 3G issue


This really is good news for iPhone 3G owners! as you know the slow speed problem with the iPhone 3G running on the latest version firmware of iOS 4. It doesn’t matters if iPhone is jailbreak or not, the experience of using iPhone 3G IOS 4 is horrible, but it seems this is going to end soon.


According to 9 to 5 Mac a user has written a complaint to Steve Jobs about the poor performance of his iPhone 3G with the new operating system version and said he has waited patiently for the last two updates (4.0.1 and 4.0.2) to see if the problem was resolved without for a solution. Jobs reply could not be more clear and concise.

Software update coming soon.

This means that we will soon have a software update that will fix the performance problems of the 3G iPhone that many suffer, will the version 4.1? Let us hope that is not too long to make it available for everyone.


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  1. david sutherland September 10, 2010 Reply

    of course steve jobs could have been more clear. what a dumb statement. how about, “yes we acknowledge your phone is 55% slower than it was before we ‘upgraded’ you” …

    an update is always coming… yes Jobs was concise but there is nothing in his response that promises the speed issue will really be fixed.

    apple upgrade = near-brick-speed on your iphone

    mine is awful now

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