Jailbreak your iPhone

Install Flash (Frash) on iPhone 4 and iPad


Cupertino giants have made it very clear that Flash will never be an option on devices like the iPhone and iPad. It was just a matter of time for hackers to port flash on iPhone after the successful porting over iPad. Comex, guy behind Frash (flash on iDevice) released an updated version of Frash adding support of iPhone. You need to jailbreak your iDevice of course, but once done, this port works with Safari using a compatibility layer.

Frash is a port of the Adobe Flash runtime for Android to the iPhone, using a compatibility layer, by comex…Frash can currently run most Flash programs natively in the MobileSafari browser. Frash uses a multi-process model similar to Chrome on the desktop, so a crash in the Frash/Flash plugin doesn’t take down the browser. Video and keyboard input are currently not supported. The former will require major reverse engineering of the video decoding frameworks on the iPhone, but the latter should be reasonably easy to implement.


You can follow these instructions to install Frash on your iPhone:

  • If you haven’t jailbroken your iPhone then use JailbreakMe to jailbreak it.
  • Launch Cydia from your jailbroken iPhone home screen.
  • Launch Cydia and go to Manage tab >>> Go to Sources  >>> and tap Edit on the top >>> Tap on add
  • Add this source: http://repo.benm.at/
  • After it is successfully installed, tap on the Search tab and search for frash.
  • Tap on frash to install it on your iPhone.
  • Reboot your iPhone.

You’re set! Now just navigate to a page in Safari with non-video Flash content and tap on Flash to play it.


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  1. Denizen January 10, 2011 Reply

    Is Frash compatible with iPhone 3GS running IOS4 software?

  2. me August 14, 2010 Reply

    I really should read the title before I start trying to install.
    “iPhone 4” was the bit I missed.

  3. Irshad Husain August 9, 2010 Reply

    Happy to install

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