Jailbreak your iPhone

Infinifolders : Yet Another Reason to Jailbreak


Chpwn, the creator of Infinidock and Infiniboard is back with yet another useful tweak. One of the many much anticipated features introduced in iOS4 was folders but the only problem being that each folder can only contain 12 icons. Chpwn has developed a fix for that, Infinifolders.

Scroll your folders with unlimited icons!

Infinifolders lets you add as many icons as you want to each folder, breaking the 12-app limit, and access them through a flick up and down.

Many settings provide full customization (no respring required!) – and resprings don’t mess up your icons.

Infinifolders, yet another reason to jailbreak your iDevice is available for download in the Cydia store for $1.99


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