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Apple to Launch Two New MacBook Air in September?


Keith Bachman, an analyst at BMO Capital Markets,has spoken about the possibility that Apple is about to launch two new models of MacBook Air next month, with a sharp price cut to increase sales. Rumors suggest Apple is set to launch new products in the middle of August. Worth to mention that MacBook Air are no longer updated by June 2009, when Apple gave the new CPU and graphics card (Intel Core 2 Duo and Nvidia GeForce 9400M) and it would be reasonable to expect some updates for ultra-lightweight laptop from Cupertino giants.


Bachman also pointed, iPod Touch should make front camera and FaceTime, and even bet on the introduction of an iPod Nano Touch, with the famous screen 1.7 “, to say goodbye the Click Wheel and the inexorable result of the cancellation price of Apple iPod Shuffle.

[Via |AppleInsider]


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