Jailbreak your iPhone

Amazing Calling Decal


Have you ever wanted to protect your iPhone 4 and pull a prank on your friends? With this neat sticker by Amazing Calling you can protect the fragile glass back of your device and amuse your friends as you answer the back of your phone at the same time! These decals come in a variety of designs with more to come in the future!

Amazing Calling present a fantastic world, which will make full use of your imagination to make your life to be more interesting.

The sticker will be put on the back of the iPhone 4 and the size and details are totally fit the iPhone 4 – the same as the the front face. When you pick up the phone, people around you will think that you must be a crazy guy, huh, who knows the truth?  😉

The sticker can protect your iPhone 4 and easily help you to figure out the front and back as both sides of iPhone 4 looks like the same in general.

These decals can be purchased for $9.99 at http://amazingcalling.com/


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