Jailbreak your iPhone

Tooljail Updated to Version 2.2 : Guides for iOS 4


Remember ToolJail by Destructor95? ToolJail is a tiny application for Windows that assist you with  appropriate guide and tools to jailbreak/unlock your iPhone and iPod Touch. In recent months, large number of Hacks, Software Downloads and tutorials are published. ToolJail is very helpful for those who already lose track of time. It contains all necessary how to guides regarding jailbreak, unlock, check iBoot,  check the MC model, the ECID etc.

Note : It’s not a Jailbreak/Unlock tool, ToolJail only helps you to verify if you can jailbreak or not, if yes ToolJail helps you with proper instructions.

Download ToolJail 2.2 for Windows.

Download .NET Framework 3.5 (required to run ToolJail).

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