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Geohot Closes Twitter Account and Blog


George Francis Hotz, better known as GeoHot in iPhone jailbreak and unlock community. He is also known for hacking Sony Playstation 3, GeoHot developed a method for cracking the PlayStation 3 and released an exploit, causing the removal of the "Other OS" function on the PS3. After gaining all the name and fame today GeoHot decided to close his blog and twitter account for the public. Closing his source of communications indicates that he is no more working on iPhone jailbreaking scene. George_Hotz

Departure of Geohot is a huge loss to jailbreak community. Following words are taken from GeoHot last post.

Sorry, this post was Probably a Bad Idea. Next time I will not say anything. When I miss this blog was about technical Actually things (I’ve been reacting too much to the feedback, Which led it to the place it’s in now). I did not fully realize the current scene must or do not care unless They Are getting something. Now I do. It’s late tonight, I’ll think about what to do about this in the morning.

The real reason behind no release isn’t technical. It’s just that’s it Will never stop, after blackra1n, people demand unlock, after blacksn0w, people demand untethered.I miss the days When jailbreaking and unlocking Were Difficult, it attracted a much higher caliber crowd.
Also, to the haters, the picture is Quite Obviously fake.

Following are the last three tweets of GeoHot before deleting the account.

i was just having fun but Some People had to take this all way too seriously. it’s just a phone, and it isn’t much fun anymore.

bio isn’t my "iPhone hacker" it was just something i did when i was bored Occasionally. seriously, i think many of you care way more Than me

it was a cool ride, and I’ve learned a lot about a lot. Perhaps one of these days I’ll do a more formal goodbye.

GeoHot also mentioned to follow one of his good friend @mikecohenn for future updates. Nobody knows why GeoHot decided to leave iPhone hacking scene all of sudden, may be he wants to work in peace or he is hired by Apple or just another prank.

 GeoHotz Achievements

  • First hacker to jailbreak / unlock iPhone 2G
  • Discovered AT + stkprof command vulnerability which was later used in Yellowsn0w by Dev team to unlock iPhone 3G firmware 2.2
  • First one to discover iPhone 3G bootloader 5.8 exploits that allows baseband downgrading
  • First public software exploit for jailbreaking the iPhone 3GS (with Purplera1n and Purplesn0w)
  • First Untethered Jailbreak and unlock for iPhone 3GS firmware 3.1 .2 (with Blackra1n and Blacksn0w)

Post your comments, views or any special occasion when any of GeoHot release saves your life.


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  1. Rick January 2, 2011 Reply

    Shame on all of you who demanded anything from this poor man.

    He did what he did because he wanted a challenge, and appreciated the complexity of the systems involved and the difficulty of finding an exploit. All of you who think you deserve anything only deserve to have your phones/ipads/ipods explode in your face, because you dont actually deserve anything.

    Obviously the difficulty of finding such exploits (especially on a bootrom level) extends far beyond the capability/scope of your primitive brains, so shut the hell up and let the man do what he loves in peace. The things I read on the internet make me sick and ashamed to be human, and really just shows how stupid we’ve all become. Get an education, and maybe think twice before demanding something that you yourself cannot possibly do even in several lifetimes.

    Or find a way to unlock/jailbreak your iOS devices yourself…or not, because you’re all probably too stupid and lack the talent needed for such higher thought processes.

  2. Michael September 23, 2010 Reply

    thanks for all your hard work geohot euther if you stoped working or just ran off, you made this all happen for us, people are upset with the ps3 otheros because you were so darn close and then gave up when they released an update (you promised to find away around and didn’t)

    but you still did work nonetheless

    have a great live geohot

  3. Himanshu July 20, 2010 Reply

    Interesting read. Reading your blog from last few days. Found some crucial information. Didn’t know that PS3 crack is possible.

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