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Apple Announces Magic Trackpad


Yes Magic Trackpad, leaked a few weeks ago at the FCC is a real deal. Today Apple launched Magic trackpad with the new iMac and Mac Pro lineup. The new Magic Trackpad uses the same technology used in MacBook Pro trackpad. Obviously the whole surface of Magic trackpad is clickable and the device has the same slope of the Apple Wireless Keyboard, so as to improve the overall ergonomics while using combination of both.magic trackpad

Trackpad works over Bluetooth with a range of up to 10 meters. Magic Trackpad also has a auto power off, as a result battery lasts up to several months.

The new trackpad is powered with two alkaline batteries, like all Apple wireless peripherals. Apple also introduced a new battery charger, very similar to that used by iPhone / IPAD / iPod to charge. This charger also comes with six batteries, although they sell it separately.


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