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Very First iPhone 4 Unboxing Pictures


Some lucky people who pre-ordered iPhone 4, got their iPhone two days earlier. AppleMojo, posted some pics of the very first unboxing of iPhone 4 on MacRumor. According to him “ FedEx just dropped off my iPhone 4 just a few moments ago. As of last night before bed, my delivery date was still the 24th, even after I received the email from Apple about a possibly delivery on the 23rd. Activation was snappy and smooth. “ Those who opted in store pickup will have to wait until Thursday morning.

DSC05821 DSC05834 DSC05837 DSC05839 DSC05840

[Via MacMojo]


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  1. Alvin June 24, 2010 Reply

    Got my new iPhone4 it has embedded sim. Does this mean I can only use this for AT&T?

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