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Tweetie 2 for Mac and iPad Coming Soon


Loren Brichter infamous developer behind Tweetie for Mac and iPhone, confirmed to Ars Technia that Tweetie 2 for Mac and iPad is on it’s way. Twitter.inc recently acquired tweetie iPhone client and renamed to their own twitter for iPhone. On the other hand Mac version (particularly appreciated by users) do not have definite information on release of Mac version 2, at least until now.


Brichter stated at Ars Design Awards, where Tweetie Mac won an award for Best Mac OS X User Experience. Pressed on the issue, the developer said:

“It’s going to die, I refuse to kill him. All Twitter love the Mac version “

Loren Brichter, however, said that he’ll return to work on the Mac version in the coming weeks and, simultaneously, is also developing a version for Tweetie iPad:

“The goal is to overcome Twitter for iPhone with the iPad. The reunion between iPhone, Mac and iPad is coming “

[Via | Arstechnica]


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