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Skype 3G for iPhone Completed 5 Million Downloads!


The VoIP telephony application Skype has announced to have reached the five million downloads on the iPhone. This comes just days after that a new version making phone calls free between computers connected to 3G has been made available. But good news by bringing bad, Skype has also announced at the output as the model would increase in pay for its use on mobile, this is considered a priori for 2011 .


The upgrade offers the possibility of using the Skype service via the mobile network (3G) which up until it was possible only in Jailbroken devices. Until the May 30 users can use Skype for the iPhone only through a wireless WiFi, point sharply limited the usability of the application.

Skype says that the charge is necessary to ensure the necessary levels of quality of service through the network 3G, adding that prices are very competitive even in the traditional openings telephone calls!


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