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Monitor and Control µTorrent From your iPhone


BitTorrent Inc. has launched its project for Falcon (still in alpha and only available for Windows) the remote control service via web, adopted to the iPhone. The service aims that we can access our torrents any where and any time. we can add, delete, pause, or start downloading torrents just like similar to that of the desktop client. Following is the step by step guide to download and install with respective instructions.

Guide to Activate iPhone Remote Access

1. Download (Click Here) uTorrent Beta Project Falcon, once finished the download double click the .exe and Install the client.

2. Run the uTorrent client and click the µTorrent Web Access Preferences button in the µTorrent toolbar.


3. Check "Enable µTorrent Web Access". Choose a username and password and enter it here.

4. Click the "Apply" button. After a few seconds, you should see "Status: Accessible". Close the preferences.

createNewAccount5. Now on open iPhone Safari and browse to http://web.utorrent.com

6. Tap your finger along with the green status bar and you’ll see your login screen, enter your login credentials as you registered in your PC. You can also bookmark the application and add it to their home screen. In doing so, they will add an icon to their iPhone similar to if they had downloaded an app from the App Store.

         IMG_0014IMG_0017 IMG_0016

In addition to bookmarking the page, it is also recommended that users check “stay signed in” to ensure quick and easy accessibility in the future.


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