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Download Free Video Recorder for iPhone 3G from App Store


You can find many apps in App store to record video with your iPhone 3G. These applications typically cost $1.99, but there is now a free alternative: Record Videos For Free. This is not a lite version and This is a FULL featured application available in the App Store. After filming the video you can export the videos  from your iPhone to your PC or Mac via Wi-Fi to transfer. Needless to mention the application contains advertisements which the authors hope to earn their money.


The quality of the videos is moderate, but in comparison to paid video applications for the iPhone 3G fine.

Download: Record Videos For Free (free)


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  1. niko January 1, 2013 Reply

    Its fine.. but the resolution is small ,so the video has small screen only..

  2. Sean Hanson December 28, 2012 Reply

    Don’t use this product…especially if you’re planning on recording something important…

    The quality of the video is absolute crap. I’ve recorded video on my iphone before using the app that came with my 3g and the quality was actually quite good – surprisingly so. But that app got deleted somehow so i was searching for a free replacement. I was SOOOOOO bummed out when I looked at the video later that night of my SON’S GRADUATION because I could barely make out anything on the screen – and I recorded it in so-called “High Quality” mode!

    The pixellation was horriffic – you could ACTUALLY SEE the giant squares that make up the image – no more than 20-30 of them. Playback on the phone looks alright…barely…sort of, but if you intend to view the video on anything larger you will be SHOCKED at how bad the image looks – and there’s NOTHING you can do about it after the fact.

    So do yourself a favor and PASS THIS PRODUCT BY. Free or not, it’s a menace. People use their video apps to record some pretty important stuff sometimes…don’t make the same mistake I did. At the very least, test it out first…shoot something similar to what you plan to shoot later, then download the video to your computer or TV and watch it.

    Thanks for reading.

  3. Sumon January 26, 2011 Reply


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