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Next Generation iPhone will Screen IPS Panel and 960 x 640 Pixels


Czech website Superiphone.cz revealed resolutions and details of upcoming iPhone 4G. According to this site, next generation Apple iPhone screen resolution is 960 x 640 using with In Plane Switching technology (IPS). The number of pixels in the screen of the new iPhone is thus four times as large as the iPhone 3G. Apple has the new iPhone a very high pixel density achieved, compared to other phones.

superiphone.cz published an image of the panel under the microscope, panel is supposed as belonging to the iPhone 4G/HD.


The display on the […] IPS high resolution display is remarkably bright and sharp.[…] Thanks to the IPS display technology (in-plane switching), the 178 ° viewing angle with just large. So how ‘m also holds, the image is always beautiful, with perfect colors and great contrast.

Via: Engadget


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