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Is the iPad our days new Shrine?


iPad a Shrine??

ATTENTION: This article have Nothing to do with the Scientology group ads above!

In just a period of one month, iPad has been sold out and seems to be the one thing “everyone” wants. It says a lot about this little screen as if were holy! Is that so? That it has become a symbol for happiness and success type as several iPhone holders have expressed, but it is sacred and one of our time´s Shrine to “worship” in a moment when we need comfort?

Well who knows, it is only the owner himself who can answer what it stands for her / him. But one is safe. It has a place and is functioning to fill in our modern era.

For those initiated in the cyber world infinite dimension as an iPad opportunity to reach even further out in the Internet universe. In time, and dates, you can easily get out his little companion, and open up communication much further and faster than any other medium. Learning know other people. Look into things you do not know if there were, etc.

But is it the sanctuary of our time? For better or worse it is for so many, more than you can imagine, I believe. iDevices have become a sacred cow. Not just for Apple (which for them probably also is the golden egg), but for anyone who recognizes themselves in this article. It is something to care for, nurture and take care of. Use when you are alone or when you need to be in contact. Find quick answers to simple questions you have had for a long time had new or coming. With ease, you can get answers to questions that you never could have imagined that we would learn about. Wisdom even enters the consciousness and does not require more than a light quick press of a few buttons.

Having a window to the world all the knowledge I feel secure and calm. Never feel alone and outside of that you do not know. It is only to see into her window / screen is where the answers. All of this many strivings in meditation and lessons are written on the web. Answers are available wherever you are. With this easy incitement simplicity, it is easy to feel safe and have spiritual satisfaction, but is it true?

Well, who knows!? Again, only the individual himself, with so much honesty that is only possible to answer it. There will even iPad showing its shortcomings. But one is safe, I believe, that spirituality and spiritual growth certainly requires more than this. Need something to hold on to is good in life. Religion is a belief. Spirituality is open-minded, honesty and the ability to change what you can and know the difference to what it is powerless in the face. It is wisdom.

So once again. Is iPad (iDevices) new Shrine of our time? An altar to turn up in searching knowledgeable respones we can agree but if it alters our inner, spiritual and emotional growth? And which is the host to be our new times Shrine?

Many questions! Less answers! Leave a comment and give me an insight into what is what to be wiser, if possible. Thanks!

by Matz Lornui (maz)


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  1. maz May 13, 2010 Reply

    @Jon: Yes it is. I’m sorry for that. English is not my 1:st language. Hope you got “something” out of the article anyway. If not, give me a message and I’ll do my best to explain. Thanks for your honest comment btw.

  2. Jon May 10, 2010 Reply

    Wow… the English on this article is terrible. Take a class dude.

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