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Firmware 4.0 for iPhone 2G, Development in Progress


Apple has long ago announced that OS 4.0 will not support iPhone 2G, but an independent Rebuilding OS Group, which has a self claimed track record for modifying the PSP system and Nintendo have already announced that the iPhone 2G users will enjoy the new firmware from Apple. Team members are passionate about open source and have already collaborated on the development of UNIX for the European Community and were also engaged in work on the code of Windows 95 and 97.

iPhone_2G_OS4Team says “ we have created a tool that looks a lot like Pwange Tool and loading a custom firmware that 3 of us are rewriting part, starting from Beta 1 . The result was produced after a day of hard work that was  performed on 4.0 firmware 2g device but with many problems, in fact almost nothing worked. Since then many things have improved “

So far team shared only one screenshot of iPhone 2G with OS 4


The project does not seem to be a fake. The only question which arises is whether the iPhone 2G will be able to handle 4.0 OS with multitasking. Time will tell.

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  1. T-Will June 12, 2010 Reply

    That would be pretty cool news if it’s real! But how difficult is it to take a screenshot of iOS4 on an 8GB 3G, then open it in the photo viewer on an iPhone 2G?

  2. susan boyle May 11, 2010 Reply

    “Does not seem to be fake”

    I’m sorry, have you actually taken a look at the screenshot. It is clearly fake

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