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Display Recorder : Record Video of Your iPhone Springboard


Ryan Petrich, now remained famous for having created Clippy, bringing copy / paste on iPhone, Overboard and Proswitcher now released Display Recorder, a very useful little utility that lets you take video captures of your screen. ScreenRecorder is available in the Cydia Store for $4.99. If you want to try the application first,  there is a free demo in Cydia called ScreenRecorderDemo.

Screen Recorder You can adjust the frame rate and recording quality, choose whether to use hardware acceleration for video encoding and can also integrate with Activator for immediate access.

Features of ScreenRecorder :

● Records directly to high quality AVI
● Web interface to manage recordings
● On-device YouTube uploading
● Adjustable frame rate & quality settings
● Hardware accelerated video encoding
● Activator integration for quick access
● Remote control via web interface


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  1. Tashawn January 27, 2011 Reply

    Well I would like to say this work perfectly for me(3gs user).. you want more previews or proof that this works? http://youtube.com/gcconnect every video you see were made with this.

  2. Alex Quintana September 17, 2010 Reply

    What’s the point of being able to record the screen if you can’t do anything with it?

    When I use “half scale” only the left top of the screen is visible in the video, when I use full scale it ALWAYS errors out with “cannot allocate memory” when trying to upload to youtube, and then when it does complete the video NEVER made it to youtube.

    Should have recorded in mp4 h.264 format and put in the camera roll. This reaks of jailbreak apps before Apple even made the appstore. ie. not integrating it with anything.. requiring the use of SSH to transfer files because the youtube upload DOESNT WORK.

    $5 down the tubes.

  3. Reza May 22, 2010 Reply

    The files are not saved in a recognizable place with a recognizable file name.
    Go to the root folder > Librery > Display Recorder > Resources > ________
    The file has a weird long name.

  4. Schluppy May 21, 2010 Reply

    Don’t get it. Cannot play within the iPhone thus cannot send via MMS. Is the only way to watch the recorded video is through YouTube?

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