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Apple TV : Cloud Storage, iPhone OS only for $ 99


Engadget has received unconfirmed evidence about the next generation of Apple TV. According to Engadget source, device should be running on iPhone OS, device is much smaller in comparison to current one,  connections for HD video (1080p). Internally, next Apple TV is based on same A4 processor with 16GB of storage. Insiders described the device as an “iPhone without a screen.

apple-tvNext gen Apple TV will make use of online storage (cloud based). If you want local content you can drop them a Time Capsule as external storage. Currently running the Apple TV still a stripped down version of Mac OS X Lite. Now Showstopper, Next gen Apple TV going to be very light on your pocket, price tag is only $ 99. Engadget expects the new Apple TV is not announced at WWDC.

Via: Engadget



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