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Android on iPhone 3G With Multitouch Support : Video


Last week we posted a guide to install Android on iPhone 2G [Check here], and we told you that iPhone 3G project is in progress. Today Planetbeing posted a new video from which you can see Andriod on iPhone with the full support multitouch. Only obstacle now remains is to solve the problem of baseband since the 3G network is still not recognized, or rather, you can not make calls and even have a fast 3G data connection. iPhone Android project is built on the iBoot project leading by PlanetBeing and followed by CPICH, harmn1, posixninja, jean, marcan and saurik.


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  1. Raptiles May 5, 2010 Reply

    Any news on how to instal android on iphone 3g???

  2. slaash May 2, 2010 Reply

    if the project finished successfully and i install android on my locked iphone 3g ill be able to make calls again?

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