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Spirit iPad and Untethered iPhone Jailbreak Coming Soon


Remember the “Spirit” jailbreak we had mentioned a couple of times [check here] [check here] ago? Well, as predicted, release of spirit is just around the corner. Earlier today Comex replied a question regarding  “spirit jailbreak release date” answering “Friday” check screenshot #1 below. Needles to mention, Spirit is an all in one jailbreak solution for iPhone 2G / 3G / 3GS, iPad WiFi / iPad 3G, and iPod Touch 1G / 2G / 3G.


We talked with chpwn over IRC regarding this friday release fiasco, and he replied release date isn’t confirmed yet but he is working on it and we should prepare for a release anytime.

Spirit1For those who are interested in jailbreaking their iPad / iPhone / iPod should stay away from iTunes 9.1.1 since iTunes can detect & remove it.


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  1. Vlad May 3, 2010 Reply
  2. Dragonflame421 May 3, 2010 Reply

    Well it didn’t come out this fday…. Maybe 5-7 hopefully….

  3. Manish May 1, 2010 Reply

    Thats neat! Not too sure I would use it :p

  4. Zanzak April 30, 2010 Reply

    Come on…another fairytale… Everyday I read posts that the jailbreak is ready.. Geo I think he gave up…comex said Friday but what year he didn’t say maybe 2012 lol

  5. TypeR April 30, 2010 Reply

    Crap crap crap crap, I don’t see why there is a delay on the release date on this and the 5.12.01 unlock….oh wait let me guess, because it’s bullcrap!…cra crap crap crap!

  6. brotch April 30, 2010 Reply

    Don’t get your hopes up about this friday (4/30). The ipad 3G is set to ship “by May 7th” which also happens to be a Friday. I know it’s probably too late in the process for apple to do anything to block Spirit if it’s released tomorrow, but it just makes sense that Comex was referring to next Friday (5/07). Just think of the media buzz that will follow if a jailbreak is released the same day the item ships. I can definitely see that being a story on the evening news. Comex will reach Geohot status overnight.

    Speaking of which, as an owner of a formerly jailbroken iphone now stuck in 3.1.3 hell and a freelancer myself, I feel obligated to pass on this link. I caught wind that Comex is trying to put some coin together for an ipad. I think he deserves at least that after all the hard work he has put in for all of us. http://comex.chipin.com/an-ipad

  7. vixon April 30, 2010 Reply

    don’t any of you f-tards know what’s going on?!!. The dev-team is in a huge negotiation with apple to keep this thing off the streets, could be worth millions. Can’t say that I blame them, how often does an opportunity like this come up? A new jb will never see the light of day, no joke do a little research.

  8. Marc32GB April 30, 2010 Reply

    Look, he says “Friday.” He doesnt say WHICH Friday..

  9. Jonnyb0y April 30, 2010 Reply

    Thought it was too good to be true

    “comex therefore, it is probably better not to release on Friday. (ugh, drama)”

    cos apple might patch it

  10. Manaui April 30, 2010 Reply

    I cant jailbrekear iphone 3gs whit 359.3.2 iboot? Release tomorrow go go go.

    Grettings from Honduras.

  11. haha April 30, 2010 Reply

    looks like comex is already backpedalling. surprising.

  12. Chad lodge April 29, 2010 Reply

    Dr- sirty
    musclenerd and geohot have already acknowledge spirit as a real jailbreak, this isn’t a fake. Please google and check official blogs before starting false accusations. It’s not hard to tell your new to the jailbreak scene. I would like to say welcome, but please don’t be one of those who ask non stop for release dates, make angry blog posts and down right puts our awesome devs down. Time and time again they have beat apple for us for FREE asking nothing but respect back. Be smart, don’t update the second a firmware is out. Or don’t jailbreak at all. It’s more for indivduals who are intrested in the devlopment and no restrictions of the iPhone. And not saying you are but if your intrested in piracy then please just move on, personally I beleave cydia should block some respiratorys.

  13. Jailbreak April 29, 2010 Reply

    I will only buy an ipad once a jailbreak is released. I already have lots of apps waiting to be loaded onto it!

  14. dzinxxx April 29, 2010 Reply

    I can’t wait lovely news, still lots of speculation limera1n and stuff, but nothing happend yet, come on guys, we waiting for it. Regards to all who hard working on it, we know how hard it is. Zxx

  15. ker April 29, 2010 Reply


  16. Dragonflame421 April 29, 2010 Reply

    Wooooooooot!!!!!!!!!!!go spirit team!!!!!!!! Hopefully geohotz will be right behind you and release his jb as well….

  17. Dr-sirty April 29, 2010 Reply

    Another bullcrap blog post. We have heard these false promises for months.

    I got a bridge to sell. Anyone want to buy it?

  18. predat0r April 29, 2010 Reply

    If I had a dime for everytime I’ve read something like this. Atleast it’s going to be soon!

  19. Duy April 29, 2010 Reply

    This Friday or another though?

  20. Random April 29, 2010 Reply

    Finaly thay release something.

  21. MCF3778 April 29, 2010 Reply

    damn im already using 9.1.1

  22. MCF3778 April 29, 2010 Reply

    sure it is… ill believe it when I see it!

  23. Chad lodge April 29, 2010 Reply

    Awesome a jailbreak before the ipad international launch. Will get mine first day in Canada and perhaps jb it 🙂 koodos guys nice job! Even if there is a delay who cares the fact is it’s done and on it’s way 🙂

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