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iPhone HD / 4G Prototype Found in Cafe


Engadget posted a set of supposed iPhone 4G / HD images. Prototype iPhone was found in a cafe in Silicon Valley. Indeed it is again whether the photos are real. The story behind the discovery is certainly different: the unit was on the floor of a cafe in San Jose were found not far from Cupertino. The photos show a device with a front and rear glass to see, surrounded by an aluminum edge. However, in less than a day, Engadget updated as the same picture were already surfacing in the wild, which were published on Twitter Feb. 20 this year.

4g-twitpic-rm-engBut even if this is really an accidental or deliberately “lost” phone to Apple, it is still uncertain whether the iPhone actually does look so. Unfortunately it proved impossible for this particular iPhone to boot. We are not inclined to fully trust the pictures, may be it is a Chinese iPhone clone.


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  1. MCF3778 April 19, 2010 Reply

    I would kill for a clone apple product!

  2. Viktor April 19, 2010 Reply

    It’s a clone from Japan. Look at benm.at to believe me

  3. Kyle April 18, 2010 Reply
  4. steven April 18, 2010 Reply


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