Jailbreak your iPhone

Hackers Gained Full Root Code Execution of iPad, Jailbreak is Around Corner!


Good news for those who are waiting to jailbreak their iPad, MuscleNerd just confirmed that, they successfully ported  “Spirit” (iPhone/iPod jailbreak by comex) to iPad. MuscleNerd also posted screenshot of his Mac terminal window for the proof that they accessed the full root code execution has been obtained on the iPad.

iPad Jailbreak

About the release we are still doubtful for an imminent release, Dev Tea may wait for iPad 3G or OS 3.2 for iPhone so majority of iPhone/iPod/iPad users can enjoy jailbreaking their respective iDevices. MuscleNerd also posted a video, where he is playing with the iPad from his Mac terminal. Yes guys yes it’s jailbreak, now it’s interesting to see Sauriks Cydia integration to iPad.

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  1. Jesus L April 5, 2010 Reply

    Wow….hopefully it comes out soon, been waiting for that jailbreak for my brand new 3GS which is collecting dust for now.

  2. Azza April 5, 2010 Reply

    When is 3.2 gonna hit the shelfs?

  3. tv April 5, 2010 Reply


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