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Android Finally Ported in to iPhone


android Planetbeing finally back in the iPhone hacking scene after a 10 months gap, he was missing since 25th July. Today he announced his success on porting Android 1.6 in to iPhone 2G. iPhone Android project is built on the iBoot project leading by PlanetBeing and followed by CPICH, harmn1, posixninja, jean, marcan and saurik. He also released the Pre-built images and sources Download Here. Needless to say work in progress and try this at your own risk, it’s buggy and may cause bricking your phone. For the time check the video after the break.

In the video iPhone shows the two operating systems, factory-installed iPhone OS and iPhone-compatible version of Android installed on same device.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           [via Planetbeing]


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