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TwoFingerScroll : Two Fingers Scrolling on the Touchpad of Windows Laptop


If you want to bring the now famous two-finger scrolling of  Mac notebooks on your Windows notebook, you can take a look at TwoFingerScroll. TwoFingerScroll is a tiny free application (it weighs less than 300 KB) that allows, indeed, to have handy on the Synaptic touchpad scrolling feature of the pages in two fingers of the world typical Apple, through which you can scroll simply by touching the so-called laptop touchpad with two fingers and moving his hand up or down, depending on which direction you want to scroll the page.

The application places an icon into the Windows System Tray upon startup that can be used to configure it. A right-click and the selection of Settings from the menu will display the settings of the software program.The portable software program can be downloaded from the Codeplex [Download Here] website of the project.


The program does not require installation to operate and, through a special entry in the settings panel (through which you can also adjust all the parameters of the flow, like the speed), you may start automatically every time you log on to Windows.

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