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Justin.tv in the iPhone


For all of us who were waiting,  Justin.Tv application is online in the app store from some days ago. I must say it works pretty well and has no problem streaming over 3g. AT&T and Apple however, were not going to just allow a streaming application running while, so in order to be approved, the appliaction had to include both high-quality (200 kbps) and low-quality (64 kbps) streams. The stream switches to a low-quality when the 3G network is overloaded or only EDGE  is available, which give a rather crappy quality.

The app doesn’t have yet the capability for live streaming from the iPhone but Justin.tv CEO Michael Seibel mentioned that if iPhone 4.0 makes streaming more practical  (allows direct access to the camera) then they will include the functionality.

Get it here (iTunes store link), give it a try and let us know how it compares with the other video streaming applications available

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