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iDongle : First Official Video Review


A few days ago we have talked about iDongle, a new accessory that allows users 3GS unlocked iPhone with new iBoot (Jailbreak tethered) to turn off and start the device at any time, without having to connect to PC / Mac to make the usual recovery.iDongle (2)

This is a small pocket hardware could be very useful to owners of unlocked iPhone 3GS (with Jailbreak executed) with new iBoot. Jailbreak Tethered is a release “non-definitive” that is, to switch off or restart the device will need to rerun the release via the PC / Mac. With this dongle can we do this, any place, even when we are around or not have a computer at your fingertips.

FrenchiPhone managed to test a working model, then released the first impressions of this enhancement, however, seem to be positive.

Here are the first impressions:

Quick and easy to use, lightweight hardware, measuring 6.6 cm x 2.65 cm How to unlock very fast and simple to start. Just attach the accessory and you’re done, all tests were positive to 100% chance to update iDongle in software, the team probably will want to work with the DevTeam; only flaw: the battery connector is very delicate, so be incorporated with caution.


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  1. Buffolus March 21, 2010 Reply

    Where can get one 

  2. Beavis March 15, 2010 Reply

    If the hackers would stop being lazy this wouldn’t be necessary

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