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Apple Patented Walkie Talkie Technology for iPhone 4G?


The guys from AppleInsider shows us a new patent that will use some sort of function Walkie-Talkie on our iPhone. This is just a patent so it’s not certain that this new function is implemented on a future model of iPhone. The important thing however is that Apple is working every day to new technologies to simplify our lives. In other words, you can transfer text messages using the appropriate voice server can send and receive these signals simulating the walkie-talkie technology.

This patent was filed in November 2009 and shows us that this new feature is to send real voice, style Walkie-Talkie, which will be sent directly to another iPhone.iPhone Walkie Talkie

These messages are transmitted on a dedicated server, set up just for this feature, which will send to the respective recipients. The various voice messages will be saved inside a special section and will be replay at any time. We may see this technology at work on the next iPhone 4G but could also be implemented on the current iPhone 3G and 3GS with a firmware update.


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