Jailbreak your iPhone

The inner Components of the iPhone as an iPhone Wallpaper


iphonewallpaper2 iFixit, who invented a new fashion, creating wallpapers from photographs of the internal components of Apple products. Today iFixit blog posted two nice wallpapers [check here] for your iPhone as a download. Both wallpapers are cropped very carefully that each piece is aligned almost perfectly with the actual position it within the iPhone. So when you apply iFixit wallpaper, it gives you feeling that the machine is open, without protecting the LCD screen. iFixit posted “ Both flavors are rendered in the iPhone’s 320 x 480 resolution and look exactly as if you had X-ray vision and could peer through the iPhone’s LCD.Oh, and iPhone 2G/3G owners — we won’t tell anyone that the wallpaper’s from a 3GS. You have our blessing to use it.

iPhone_3GS_Wallpaper_1 iPhone_3GS_Wallpaper_2

Download wallpaper from here and here and then sync with your iPhone photos with iTunes. Now select the photo as a wallpaper.


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