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Sling Mobile Player Over 3G Now Available


Remember the announcement from AT&T, that it will allow SlingPlayer Mobile to stream videos over its 3G network? Well, SlingPlayer has just been updated and is available now through the AppStore, providing the functionality of 3G video streaming.

“The key for us is Sling Media was willing to work with us to revise the app to make it more bandwidth sensitive, “Ralph de la Vega, president and CEO, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets, said in a statement. “They made important changes to more efficiently use 3G network
bandwidth and conserve wireless spectrum so that we were able to support the app on our 3G mobile broadband network.” -MacRumors

At first, AT&T and Apple allowed the use of VOIP over 3G network, and now they have permitted SlingPlayer to do the same, after announcing that Sling Media was willing to work on revising their application to make it more bandwidth sensitive.

However, Sling Media replied to AT&T’s announcement, stating that they have not coordinated nor modified its application to suite AT&T’s 3G network.

Santoro explained that SlingPlayer Mobile has always contained code to adapt the stream quality to the given network conditions. AT&T has been in discussions with Sling since the app was first released last year, but AT&T never asked the company to make any specific modifications. However, the code has been continually improved, and Sling was able to successfully demonstrate that SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone would not have a negative impact on other wireless customers. -ArsTechnica

Furthermore, Sling Media then clarified its relation with AT&T, where General Manager John Gilmore has contacted ArsTechnica and stated the following:

“We actually have been working very intensively with AT&T to get the 3G streaming approved,” Gilmore told Ars. “Over the course of the last couple of months, they have been testing the app in their labs.”

Gilmore said that AT&T was able to determine that SlingPlayer Mobile wouldn’t significantly impact network performance after extensive testing. “We always felt comfortable that that wasn’t the case,” he told Ars. “As we built our relationship with AT&T, we were able to prove to them that our app wouldn’t cause a negative customer impact. We always felt that our app was a ‘good network citizen.'”  -ArsTechnica

Finally, for all of you who have been waiting for Sling Media to go 3G, well your in luck, head on to AppStore and download it.


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